Read the latest review of High Cotton USA by Michael Buffalo Smith in Kudzoo Magazine.....​​

  • Almost Single 4:39
  • High Cotton3:40
  • Summer Girl3:49
  • Don't Let It Rain3:26
  • What I Done4:09


              Copyright © 2020 Lee Sinclair


     Copyright © 2020 Ruff Patch Music, LLC

Ok guys and gals....

I wanted top let you know the pre-production for the next album is underway!  
Now remember, this is me we are talking about, so that may mean the new stuff will be out in 
3 days, 3 months or 3 years...regardless, you will be the first to know.

I was also lucky enough to help my good buddy Phillip Fleming with the music for his first short film Dead Shot.

It was given Honorable Mention at last years South Carolina Underground Film Festival.

You can watch it over on the Links/Friends page.

  I am giving away a 3 song version of the High Cotton CD on NoiseTrade, please take it and enjoy.

 If you like what you hear, the entire album (does anyone besides me use that term anymore??)

is available on  itunes, Amazon and most other  major download sites.